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Food Trucks and HOAs?


What do food trucks and HOAs have in common?  Um, I have no idea.  But I came across a really interesting article this morning discussing the merits of using food trucks at an association.

I’ve talked here about how we are all neighbors in an HOA and how each of us, as individual owners, can make a difference in our communities, and I’ve even explained a few different ways that we can get involved in our HOA.  The article I read this morning talked about how an association is using a regular food truck to develop a further sense of community:

Food trucks do more than provide creative alternatives to the same old lunch and dinner options. They bring neighbors together.

What an interesting concept.  I mean, who would have thought that food brings us together?  Oh wait, all of us have thought that.  Think about it – what’s the cliche image for new neighbors – that’s right, baking a cake or cupcakes and bringing them to the new neighbors. And when have historical feasts not resulted in bringing people together.  It’s a common theme in our history and one that we simply haven’t applied to our associations.  But we should!

We all live in an association for a variety of reasons and whatever those reasons we all have a common desire to be there.  Bringing residents together over food gives an easy way for discussions to take place.

I have met many of my neighbors at the food truck that I may not have met otherwise. A regular topic of discussion is what’s on the menu and what’s the name of our dogs.

So how does an association make this happen?  Simple. Contact some local food trucks and see if they are interested in visiting the community on a set day of the month or day of the week and whether they intend to charge the association anything for doing so.  Then market the heck out of the event!  Let all the residents know that there will be a food truck visiting the community and that everyone is encouraged to come out and try the food.  Maybe even set aside some space for games for the kids or even the adults.

Even if you don’t want to know your neighbors, living in a neighborhood with a strong sense of community creates a more enjoyable experience at the end of the day.

Those of you who know me personally know that I love food. Perhaps that’s why this story resonated so much with me.  I’m always looking for an excuse to eat something good.  And what better way to enjoy some new food than with your neighbors?

If you set something like this up for your community, please let me know as I’d love to know how it turns out after a few regular events.  And if your community is anywhere close to me, I might stop by to check in on the food and the sense of community!

Here is the link on the full article on food trucks and HOAs.

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