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    Welcome to HOA2HOA. The goal of HOA2HOA is to allow everyone to have an understanding of homeowners associations, HOAs, CIDs or however you refer to them. If you are here chances are you live in an HOA and chances are you want to learn something. You've found the right place. We are here to help you.

    More importantly, however, all of you are capable of helping each other. How many times have you talked to one of your friends across town about the issues facing their association? How many times have you been able to offer advice for dealing with a particular issue?

    HOA2HOA is about people helping each other. The site was created for this purpose and will be strictly regulated with this idea in mind.

    As an attorney representing HOAs I've authored many articles and guides on HOAs. I recently complete a loosely formatted guide designed to help everyone gain a better understanding of HOAs and how to navigate them as an owner or as a board member. While filled with great, practical advice, rather than publishing the guide and risking the possibility that it would sit on a shelf unread and unused, I opened this site and intend to use the content to offer practical advice to all owners within HOAs.

    I hope you find this site useful, helpful and friendly. Please take a moment to register, make a first post to introduce yourself and then dive right in. Read through some of the forums and offer advice. If you have a question you have been struggling with, post it for others to help. We're all in this together and together we can all get through it and live happier lives in our HOAs.