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Community Management: Basic Functions

management basic functions

We’ve explored some of the myths of community managers and also the basic qualities of a good community manager.  Now that you all know what community managers don’t do and some of the qualities great managers posses, you know what you should be looking for, right?  You’re on your way to choosing a great manager or management company.  So… once you’ve chosen a manager, what is it that they do on a day to day or month to month or even year to year basis?

That’s somewhat of a loaded question as managers and management companies do hundreds of things for an association and community.  Here are a few examples of the basic things that a manager can help your community accomplish:

  1. Obtaining bids from vendors (landscaping, plumbing, etc.)
  2. Coordinating with association vendors
  3. Intake of phone calls and association issues
  4. Preparing board packets
  5. Handling emergency situations
  6. Preparing initial draft of association budget
  7. Providing guidance and advice to board members
  8. Preparing checks for payment of association bills
  9. Receiving and depositing member’s assessment payments
  10. Advising the board when association investments should be changed
  11. Advising board members when legal advice is needed
  12. Advising board members when other professional consultation is needed

As an owner within an association, you should understand the important (and often thankless) job performed by a community manager.  Understand that most calls received on a daily basis are complaints.  Running a multi-million dollar company (that is, most associations) is not a simple task.

As a board member, you should understand that the manager is there to help you run the association on a day-to-day basis.  You should let the manager perform the job for which he or she is hired.  If you do not have a good rapport with your manager you should discuss your concerns with him or her. A board and manager working together for the betterment of the entire community is a wonderful thing!

Having an effective manager who works well with the board, the owners and the vendors of the association is one of the best ways to have a happy and healthy association.  While it takes some work, it happens all the time!

Do you have any examples to share?

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